Why Metal Shingles are a Great Investment for Your Home

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, protecting your most significant investment against the harshest Michigan elements. When it comes to roof replacement, you have to choose the right shingles for your home. Many customers prefer asphalt shingles, as they are a proven, affordable option for completing your roof replacement project. However, for a larger initial investment, you could get superior protection by adding metal shingles to your roof. You may wonder if the investment in metal shingles is really worth it. Let’s compare metal shingles to asphalt shingles, so you can make an educated decision when it comes time for your to replace your roof in Kalamazoo or the surrounding areas.

Better Protection Against Inclement Weather

Weather is a factor to consider when choosing shingles for your home…especially in Michigan. Asphalt shingles are an adequate option in most instances, but they are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. They have the potential to be ripped off in layers with high gusts of wind, and they offer little protection during severe hail storms. With heavier, tougher metal shingles, you get much better protection for your home. Because of their construction, metal shingles will hold up against even larger sized hail, protecting the underlying structure of your roof from impact damage. Metal shingles are also much heavier than their asphalt counterparts. This makes them much more stable against higher gusts of wind that can potentially rip off asphalt shingles.

Metal Shingles Last Much Longer

When you add new asphalt shingles, your home will have adequate protection for roughly a dozen to two dozen years, give or take. However, for a larger investment, you can add metal shingles that can last between 40 to 70 years…possibly even longer with proper care and maintenance. This means that your metal shingles will probably be the last ones you will ever have to install on your home, giving you peace of mind that you shouldn’t have to deal with another significant replacement bill through the duration of time you own your home.

Increase Value and Reduce Insurance Costs

Metal shingles add value to your home in comparison to having traditional asphalt shingles. They are more attractive to potential buyers and can add curb appeal with the number of styles and colors available. There is also a chance that your insurance company will lower your monthly rates, as the metal shingles will decrease the chances of you having to file a weather-based insurance claim.

If you are in the market for roofing replacement in Kalamazoo, contact Patriot Exteriors to request a free quote to add metal shingles to your home.