Residential Roofing Services

Every homeowner deserves quality residential roofing services to keep their home safe from the elements, and that is what Patriot Exteriors, LLC provides every time we work on your home. Our dedicated team of roofers have worked on residential homes of all shapes and sizes, and we bring those experiences with us to every roof we look at. With an on-site project manager, our team always coordinates to ensure your roofing is done right. Our No-Nail pledge also guarantees a quality roof that doesn’t compromise your home! Our certified and licensed, OSHA-compliant crews work with you to always get the best roofing experience.

Whether you have had shingles broken off during storms, algae streaking along your shingles, or general wear and tear over the years, Patriot Exteriors will ensure that the problem is fixed and that your home is protected from any future problems that the initial issue might have otherwise caused. Based on the severity of the problems that your roof is facing, our team will work with you to come up with roofing solutions that are within your budget and will keep your home protected.

Another important factor that we consider with your residential roofing services is how well your attic is being ventilated. All too often, ventilation is not considered when a roof is replaced, which can lead to poor air flow and ventilation, which leads to temperature issues, humidity problems, and more in your attic over time. Using the GAF Roofing products and methods of roof replacement, Patriot Exteriors provides your attic with an airflow for proper ventilation that leads to a roof that not only protects your home, but keeps your attic ventilation operating as it should.

If your home’s roof is facing problems, give us a call today, or request a quote.

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