Shingles from an Experienced Roofing Company

When facing problems with your roof, it is best to trust in a roofing company that has years of experience in the field to ensure the best possible roofing experience. One way that Patriot Exteriors, LLC helps with this is through quality shingles that are designed to help your roof get the security that it needs right now and far into the future. We focus on protection at every layer, from decking to shingles, to the eaves and flashing. Using only the latest and greatest shingle products to protect your home, you can always protect what matters most when you work with us. By utilizing some of the best-selling shingle brands in the U.S., the GAF Certified team at Patriot Exteriors will give your home the protection that lasts for years to come. With a durable, synthetic underlayment, your roof provides a barrier for your home against leaks, heavy winds, and ice dams.

Each type of GAF roofing shingle provides your home with the durable protection it needs. There are several different lines of roofing shingles that GAF offers that the team at Patriot Exteriors can provide for your home. And, each of these types of shingles also come in a different colors, so your roof can help you improve your home’s protection, while also giving it an aesthetically-pleasing look. Through thick dimensional shingles with shadow line contours, we can create a high-definition roof profile to add curb appeal.

The different shingle products from GAF also have different capabilities, so you can look through what each offers to find the one that will best suit your home’s needs, or ask our team of experts, and we will recommend what we think will best help your home. Our expert workmanship and installation of shingles has been depended on for years, so you know you know you are always getting the best expert opinion. And, each option has a 50-year warranty on materials and labor!

If you want to see what GAF roofing shingles can look like on your home, check out the GAF Virtual Remodeler. Using this web tool, you can see what GAF shingles, siding, trim, and doors would like like on your home, or a home similar to yours. This can be a great way to plan ahead with your home, getting the exact look that you are going for. By keeping these recorded, the team at Patriot Exteriors can get the same materials that you planned with to replace parts of your home and construct the building of your dreams. And, no matter which you choose, your shingles are engineered for high performance and superior protection.

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