Roof Maintenance Tips Before Fall Begins

Summer is almost over which means cooler weather on the road to winter. You may think your roof is ready to handle the cold and snow, but you don’t want to find out the hard way that you have problems with your roof. By completing roof maintenance now, you can prevent any potential issues that can occur from the snow accumulation we’ll be dealing with in a short few months. Here are a couple tips that you may need roofing services from the professionals at Patriot Exteriors to ensure that your roof is ready to handle everything winter brings.

Check for Moss, Mold, and Algae

Summer exposes your roof to rain and humidity, which can foster the growth of algae on your shingles and in your gutters. Left untreated, algae can begin to decay your shingles and even your roof. Moss can be even worse, causing shingles to crack and allowing water to back up under the shingles. This buildup of water can damage the roof deck and create leaks that threaten the structure of your home. Mold not only poses a threat to your home, but is also a health hazard. If you see moss, mold, or algae growing on your roof, you should have it cleaned and removed as quickly as possible to keep your home in top shape.

Inspect Your Attic for Signs of Leaks

If you have an attic in your home, it should be properly ventilated, as excess heat can cause curling and cracking in your roof shingles. Your attic is also where you can easily notice signs of leaks in your roof. Here are things to look for that would indicate leaks in the roof:

  • Watermarks on the ceiling are an indicator that you probably have a hole in your roof.
  • If there’s a musty, mildew smell in your attic, there’s a good chance it’s being caused by moisture leaking in from the roof.
  • Rafters that have absorbed water from a leak will look discolored.

If you notice any of the above issues in your attic, then it’s time to call Patriot Exteriors for a Free Roof Inspection. We can identify the issues and formulate a strategy to correct them to ensure your roof is protected before the snow flies. We can fix leaks, replace loose shingles, and perform any other services you need to restore your roof and protect your home. Contact us for more details and get the repair work done before it’s too late!

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