How Metal Roofing Can Benefit Your Home

While traditional asphalt shingles are the most affordable option, metal shingles are a much better investment for your home. Patriot Exteriors can install new metal shingles on your home for greater protection and superior longevity. Whether you need your existing shingles replaced, or you need shingles to complete a new home construction, we can help you find metal shingles with the color and style that will complement your home exterior. Installing these metal shingles will add value, curb appeal, and style. to your home. In today’s post, we will look at the reasons why metal shingles are a great addition to your most significant investment.

Get Twice the Durability

When you have asphalt shingles installed on your home, you can expect them to last about 20 years or so. Not only will metal shingles last about twice as long as their asphalt counterparts, but they also provide superior protection. We offer metal shingles that are Class-4 Hail Impact Resistant, making them an effective barrier protecting your home from hail and other storm damage.

Superior Wind Performance Rating

The heavy duty metal shingles we offer are Hurricane Wind Performance Rating. This means that these shingles won’t be ripped away by high winds and storms the way that asphalt shingles can be. This means better protection for a longer period of time, and less chance of needing expensive repair work on your roof.

A Greener Roofing Option

Beyond the superior protection your home gets from metal shingles, they are also 100% recyclable. This means you can get increased durability while maintaining green practices. These metal shingles also don’t require fossil fuels for production, so they are the best option for the environment.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing can help keep your summer energy bills under control by reflecting the sun’s rays away from your home. Unlike asphalt shingles, which absorb heat, metal shingles will help keep your home cooler during the hottest summer days, relieving stress from your HVAC system and your monthly energy bills.

Nearly Endless Choice of Styles

Metal roofing shingles offer a unique combination of style and substance, adding both protection and curb appeal to your home. These replacement shingles are available in a number of different styles, patterns, and colors, giving you a great selection to find the ones that match your home’s siding and trim.

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