Get a Roof Inspection to Identify Any Winter Damage

While the weather hasn’t been too harsh this winter, there were still plenty of days of extreme wind, cold, and snow that there may be some minor underlying damage to your roof. This damage may not be apparent to the naked eye, but without proper treatment, these minor issues can lead to much more serious problems down the road. Patriot Exteriors, LLC inspect your roof and identify any existing or potential issues in your roof before they progress to much more significant, and costly, repair projects. In today’s post, we will discuss the importance of getting a free roof inspection, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your most important investment is properly protected against even the harshest elements.

Professional Roofers in Kalamazoo

Whether you have loose shingles, small leaks, or other issues with your roof, it is important to address them as quickly as possible. Minor issues like this will allow water to slowly enter into your home, and it could be months before you notice the problems. Not only will the water seep into the frame of your home and weaken the wood in the process, but this excess moisture can foster the growth of mold and bacteria that can pose a health risk to you and your family. This moisture is also a breeding ground for insects like termites and carpenter ants who can ravage your home in a short time. Patriot Exteriors can provide you with a free roof inspection. We will thoroughly inspect your roof, identifying any issues and offering a strategy to correct the problems before they become too serious. We can then complete any of the repair or replacement work that needs to be done to ensure your roof is in top shape, once again.

We Offer Roofing Repair, Shingle Replacement, and More

Patriot Exteriors can handle all of your roofing needs in Kalamazoo. Whether you need minor leak repair or a complete roof replacement, you can count on us to get the job done right with a high standard of quality workmanship. We can add traditional asphalt shingles, or you can upgrade to metal shingles which provide superior protection for a much longer span of time. If you have concerns about the condition of your roof, contact the professionals at Patriot Exteriors to Request a Quote today.

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